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Kjerringøy – true adventure

Go ashore at picturesque Kjerringøy. You will be struck by the outstanding beauty of the landscape and your meeting with coastal culture and the best preserved trading post...  Read more >>

Things to do in Bodø for 100 NOK

Here are some suggestions to things that you can experience in Bodø for under 100 NOK.  Read more >>

Icy Experiences

The Svartisen glacier. The name itself sends shivers down your spine. With its 370 square kilometres, the Svartisen is Norway’s second biggest glacier. And considering that...  Read more >>

Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest

Sea fishing, sea eagle safaris and historical adventures in the world’s strongest tidal current. See one of the wonders of the world at close quarters, as an onlooker on the...  Read more >>

Northern lights - Bodø By Light

Imagine an evening stroll on Mount Rønvikfjellet, in the winter, with a 360 degree sky above you. Suddenly the heavens flare up in ultra-green and red-blue ribbons that...  Read more >>

The Magical Light

Salten acts like a magnet on artists. It is here they come in search of the enchanting light.  Read more >>

Visit Væran - Bodø's archipelago

You haven’t experienced Bodø until you have been to Væran. It’s easier to get there than you might think, whether you fancy a round trip on a fast passenger boat seeing the...  Read more >>

See white-tailed eagles all year round

Bodø has the densest population of white-tailed eagles (sea eagles) in the world. There is no better guarantee of encountering these majestic birds of prey. Here, you can...  Read more >>

Golfing in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Golfing in the middle of the night – bathed in sunshine? At 67 degrees north latitude, anything is possible.  Read more >>

The Boatbuilder’s Village

When the several hundred year boatbuilding tradition in Saltdal was in the throes of dying out, a German took it upon himself to keep the tradition going.  Read more >>

Loves the Freedom

Mats Pavall gave up his job as an archaeologist and concentrated all his efforts on reindeer herding. He hasn’t regretted it for a minute.  Read more >>

Hunting Big Salmon

Standing amid idyllic, virgin countryside you feel the tingling excitement as you hunt the big salmon.  Read more >>

A Saint in the Altar?

The altar in the mediaeval church in Gildeskål may conceal the remains of a Catholic saint.  Read more >>

Local delicacies

Elk sausage, veal burgers, cured saithe, smoked salmon, home-brewed beer, grilled stockfish, local cheeses and an abundance of herbs. Salten is an eldorado for those seeking d  Read more >>