Bodø has the densest population of white-tailed eagles (sea eagles) in the world. There is no better guarantee of encountering these majestic birds of prey. Here, you can catch the eagle’s eye all year round.

Your encounter with a master fisherman

You feel her presence before you see her. But she has already seen you. Been watching you for quite some time, gliding majestically overhead, reconnoitring, sailing on the up-current and waiting. Waiting for her prey to approach the surface, ready for transformation into a tasty lunch.

That’s when you see her. A perfectionist at work. Quick, yet surprisingly leisurely, she approaches the great blue expanse of water. A quick splash and it’s all over, but only for the fish. For you, this meeting with the sea eagle is something you will bear with you. For a long, long time.

The world´s most impressive adventure? 

Saltstraumen is the world’s strongest maelstrom. It is abundant in fish, and large numbers of seabirds find food there. White-tailed eagles are particularly numerous in this area. All you need to worry about is brilliant photos and big fish on your hook.

White-tailed eagles sail over Bodø 

There are hundreds of white-tailed eagles (sea eagles) in the area around Bodø, both young and old ones. The people who live there, and who are out at sea on a daily basis, know where they are. Stella Polaris is an experienced conference partner and will gladly take your guests to these sites in their RIBs. In this way, you can get closer to the eagles – but not too close!
Book your sea eagle adventure at Read the magazine “Vi Menn”’s articles Med RIB i Ørneland and  Salt suse i Salten (Norwegian only).

Bodø - city of the white-tailed eagle

With a vigilant eye, often sitting on a small mound like a “King of the Hill,” this is the ruler of all birds, sailing on outstretched wings high up above. The white-tailed eagle is a magnificent sight.  The city boasts the country’s densest population of white-tailed eagles, and the world’s only Sea Eagle Club. In 2009, the club was 15 years old. Its mission is to protect the sea eagles and provide information about them. Read more about sea eagles at and become a member.